Dr Vox/rhythm guitar Has always had a varied & diverse taste in music and could be heard singing wherever he roamed, like a pied piper with Tourettes. Had a couple of sessions in the studio when younger but got stuck into business, however he returned to music, playing in bands with friends at functions, parties and even British Superbikes. While at an open mic he met up with some fab like minded musicians and formed Chocolate Starfish for a one off charity gig with Danny, Trev & Crikey. 3 Years later, after a delicate name change, Dr Frankenfish are out playing private parties, weddings, balls and festivals and his tourettes, when making up his own lyrics, is now legendary. Ahoy


Stick sister/vox Started playing the drums 10 years ago due to being bought a drum kit for Christmas (instead of a motorbike) He taught himself to play the drums through listening to music and lots of practice. Trev was the original drummer in Glass Shadow and then joined Chocolate Starfish after meeting the others guys at open mic nights (now Dr Frankenfish). Trev plays the drums as a hobby and enjoys the buzz. His idols are Keith Moon and Taylor Hawkins, and his favourite band is Foo Fighters

Micky Broadbent

Dr Broadside Bass/vocals Er......legend. Done everything, still doing it. Look him up


Lead Guitar/Vocals Mental lead guitarist, berserkly versatile and talented. Has an incredible memory which doesn't last very long


Bass/vox Started playing bass at a young age in punk bands, moved on to college studying jazz and other genre of music. While out performing with college bands got invited to open mic nights where he met some great musicians who pass on some great music experiences and techniques. While attend open mic night met up with Stephen and was invited to play bass for a one off charity gig in august 2009, this was the birth of Chocolate Starfish which got renamed to Dr FrankenFish.


Lead/ as and when vox I was quite surprised when I got the call to arms from Dr Bass Fish to join that band, who I have since discovered are a great team and I am honored to be a part of Dr Frankenfish. I first began playing the guitar whilst in my teens, playing in a school band and then later in a Punk-Rock band with Dr Bass Fish. The inevitable happened and music fell away when I began full time work. However I have never lost interest in the sound of the guitar and the experience of watching a live band. My musical interests are quite varied though pretty much grounded in rock guitar. I am mainly influenced by bands such as Dream theatre and Queensryche but I listen to music ranging from Blues to the Darker Metal Bands. A good thing considering the variety of music in the Dr Frankenfish catalogue! After some very intense sessions both learning to play guitar again and learning the ever growing set lists I am proud to be a member of the musical extravaganza that is Dr Frankenfish.